Assistant Loan Officer - Waterbury, Connecticut

Corporate Recruiter - Los Angeles, California

United Parcel Truck Driver - Santa Barbara, California

Therapeutic Massage Specialist - Santa Barbara, California

Special Education Teacher - Goleta, California

CEO Human Clean Machine -San Francisco, California

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher - San Francisco, California

Director of Hatha Yoga & Associate Director of PR - SYDA Foundation world-wide

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher - Northwestern Hills of Connecticut

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach - Nationally and internationally

Endorsed Anamsong Mind/Body Coach - Nationally and internationally


I am an oldie but goodie….i got life and lots of it! I am an “inspiree” not a

I am a survivor…I had chronic asthma; hepitaitis B & C; survived a tornado, devastating flood, strangulation, head-on collision, bicycle and skiing accident and 4 brothers!!!

I am a pioneer...Was one of the first woman UPS truck drivers in the USA; Started TM meditation with the Maharishi in the 60’s. Saw the Beatles live in Shea Stadium; Attended the orginal Woodstock Festival; Was the first certified therapeutic massage specialist in Connecticut; Was the first certified Anusara Yoga teacher in Connecticut; Taught the first SYDA yoga workshop in Tokyo, Japan; Was the only red-headed girl on Byron Street!!

I am adventurous…Swam in the Ganges River; Hiked the Himalayas; Hang glided in Montana; Hitchhiked from New York to California; Did PR in India on the back of a motorcycle in a sari; Ran my first marathon having never run before. (crazy good!); Did a triathlon and survived!!!!

I love learning…I am always taking some new study course. I like to get better at what I do so i can offer my very best to others.

I am a water baby…I have always lived on water and love to swim, kayak, water ski and take long walks along the beach. I am happiest when I am floating my red tresses in the lake!

I trust life…With all it's ups and downs, joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations I feel it is always taking me where I am meant to be to learn the lessons I need to know.

I am thankful…Meister Eckhart said “if thank you was the only prayer you ever said, it would be enough”

I love what I do


I believe in laughter, long lines and lollipops,
miracles, mindfulness, flips and flops...

I believe in chocolate and cheers and overcoming my fears,
in Gandhi, MLK, Namaste* and what you say.

I believe in a time and a place and my down dogs' face,*
in love and in life and in amazing grace...

I believe in sun salutations and difficult conversations,
In hellos and goodbyes and the look in Buddha's eyes...

I believe in "everywhen" and "everywhere"...
pizza and pink underwear.

I believe in you and in me and in infinite possibility...

I believe, I really do believe...

       *namaste (soul to soul greeting); downward facing dog (yoga posture)

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