Amazement, a feeling of great surprise or wonder
Alignment, arrangement or proper placement of something
Alchemy, the process or act of transforming something common into something special


My name is Sarala Jan Troy and I am a Certified Anusara & Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. I have spent decades learning from masterful teachers discovering how to find authentic meaning, fulfillment, joy and peace in this wild paradoxical reality of life. I have maintained a yoga and meditation practice for over 35 years and taught yoga classes, workshops and trainings world-wide---along with coaching people on all aspects of well-being.

The culmination of my life's work thus far, is the opportunity to help you discover your “inner wisdom”. It always know the best job, relationship, diet, exercise, doctor or “chocolate" to choose. And its' amazing grace brings healing in times of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strife.

I specialize in Mind/Body Coaching offering gentle yoga postures, mindful meditation, expanded breathing, sound healing, chakra balancing and life coaching tools that help you re-align your body, mind and life to make the ordinary extraordinary.

May we embark on this wonderous journey together!

“The spirit is so near that you can’t see it!
But reach for it…
Don’t be the rider who gallops all night
And never sees the horse that is beneath him”

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