“I have known Jan Troy for over 20 years, and she is by far the most gifted yoga
instructor I have ever encountered. I only wish she lived in New York City so that she
could be part of my city life. I play a lot of tennis and do other strenuous exercises and
Jan manages to keep me aligned and limber. She is attentive and careful in guiding me
through the yoga practice. She is the opposite of too many yoga teachers who neither
have her training nor her expertise in insuring that the practice is beneficial for a
student’s body”.                                                                       Lynn, Literary Agent


“Being in a class taught by Jan Troy is consistently an enlightening and inspiring
experience. She presents a literary or sacred text, or personal statement which she weaves
together with the poses she has planned for the class. Classes are challenging and always
a soothing balm for the body and soul. Jan knows each student well and with humor and
care helps us to align properly. She has been instrumental in helping me to develop
awareness of body and mind. And I emerge from each class renewed in body and spirit”.

                                                                                                         Diana, Montessori Teacher


“You have to see it to believe it---she is the whole magilla”!
                                                                                              Tom, Computer Guru


“I have been studying yoga with Jan for almost 20 years, which represents about half the
time that she has devoted herself to her yoga practice. Her classes invite both attention
and effort -reflecting a magnificent blend of precision and playfulness.. But it is in my
everyday life that I see her excellence as a teacher reflected. And that is what makes her
presentation of the highest quality”.
                    Fran, Art Teacher, Musician, Artist



"I was in so much back pain for 10 years and went to all kinds of specialists who could
only offer me pain killers or surgery. I heard about Mind-Body Coaching and signed up
for 6 sessions with Sarala. I was blown away!!! Just by practicing some kindness tools
like “what am I feeling now” and “safe spaces” my pain lessoned. I think we don’t
give the mind-body connection enough credit as a sound viable tool to better health
and happiness. If you are in pain I encourage you to try it!"
                                                                                    Elaine, Physical Therapist


“Even though I had practiced yoga for over 20 years, I always felt quite fearful and
frozen inside my body. And no matter how much yoga, meditation or breathing
practices I did, it never seemed to go away. Mind/Body coaching not only helped me pinpoint where that "fight and flight" came from, but it also provided me with a
loving, safe environment and tools that "thawed" me out. What a welcome home
party! Thank You Sarala.”                                                            Merrilyn, Actress

“I have been coached before, but Sarala is special. She brings 30 + years of yoga and
meditation experience to her coaching and it adds an extra depth, wisdom and joy to the
session that is truly life changing…and I felt blessed to have her”.
                                                                                               Robin, Film Producer


“When I met Jan my husband was in prison for 7 years and I was a single mother
supporting 2 beautiful sons feeling very stressed, overwhelmed and scared.
Jan created a safe and sacred space for me to transition through that initial difficult period
of my life with greater trust, confidence and ease. And i continue seeking coaching
as a life saver!”
                                                            Seema, Managerial Assistant


“I have known Jan since childhood and just decided to get coached because I saw it made
such a difference in her life. After 6 sessions I can honestly say that I never realized how
much happier I could be in my mind. It’s hard to explain…I just feel so much lighter and
freer. Who knew”?
                                                            Wendell, Psychotherapist

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