“Yoga for a Better Back”: For a stronger, healthier, happier spine.

“Meditation and Mindfulness”: Preparing the legs, hips, shoulders and spine for
    sitting and walking meditation.

“Breathe Well, Feel Well”: Breathing practices for healthy living.

“Hip Hip Hoorah”: Yoga for your tight hips and pelvis floor!

"Yoga Off the Mat”: Honoring the Yamas & Niyamas, by the practice of the ethical
    and moral codes of yoga.

“Introduction to the 5 Pranas”: Opening the life enhancing breathing centers in your

"The Importance Knowing your Dosha”: Yogic practices for your Ayurvedic

"Yoga and the 5 Elements": Learning to balance the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether
    in your body.

"Therapeutic Yoga”: The skill of using chairs, walls, bolsters, and blocks to support
    ease and safety in poses when fatigued, stressed, sick or injured.

"The Untapped Power Of The Chakras": Getting to know your inner light and healing     power.

"Sound Healing": Come and enjoy chanting, mantra repetition, Tibetan Bowl Ringing,
    and the power of your own words.

Jan will be offering on-line studies soon on the above topics and more!
Please Contact Jan for more specific information

Sarala Jan Troy MEdu; RYT-500; is a Certified Anusara & Iyengar Yoga teacher and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She helps people discover their “inner wisdom”. It always knows the best job, relationship, diet, exercise, doctor or “chocolate" to choose! And its' amazing grace brings healing in times of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strife. Sarala specializes in Mind/Body Coaching offering: gentle yoga postures, mindful meditation, expanded breathing, sound healing, chakra balancing and life coaching tools -that help align your body, mind and life to make the ordinary extraordinary!


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